The Top 3 Ride-Hailing Apps in the Philippines

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Picture this, my friends: You’re in the pulsating heart of the Philippines. Sweat trickles down your brow as you navigate the endless bustle, your eyes wide in the electric labyrinth of lights and sounds. You’ve got places to go, people to meet, dishes to savor. The question is, how do you intend to traverse this vibrant mosaic of cultures? Ride-hailing apps in the Philippines, my friends. Your pocket-size chariot awaits at a screen’s touch, and today, we’re exploring the top 3 contenders in this thriving archipelago. Buckle up. This is the Philippines. This is ride-hailing.

A Closer Look

#1.  Grab: The Goliath of the Streets

You haven’t truly tasted the Filipino ride-hailing scene until you’ve summoned a Grab. Whether you’re into cars, taxis, motorbikes, or buses, Grab’s got your back. It’s a titan among the traffic, a jungle cat amidst the concrete savannah, ever-ready, ever-present. Fare-wise, Grab’s in the fighting ring, tossing competitive punches. And their customer service? Like the friendliest bartender you’ve ever met.


  • No empty roads with Grab: there’s always a driver around the corner.
  • Prices that won’t empty your pockets.
  • Customer service that hears your woes.
  • A smorgasbord of ride options.


  • Surge pricing: the occasional bite during peak hours.
  • A few users reported longer waits than ideal.

#2:  Angkas: The Two-Wheeled Tango

Feel the city’s heartbeat beneath you with Angkas, the motorcycle aficionado’s choice. Favourite among the Metro Manila crowd and a few other locales, Angkas is for the brave, the budget-conscious, and those craving speed. Its prices are low enough to make you do a double take, and the response times are lightning quick. The trade-off? It’s a little less cozy than a car and the availability map is yet to be fully coloured in.


  • Prices that laugh in the face of traditional taxis.
  • Response times as fast as a street-food vendor.
  • A sea of motorcyclists ready to whisk you away.


  • Confined to Metro Manila and a few other cities.
  • A little less shielded compared to the comfort of a car.

#3:  JoyRide: The Steady Cruiser

Stepping into the ring is JoyRide, offering you the best of both worlds with cars and motorcycles. Like a dependable family recipe, JoyRide delivers reliable service, competitive prices, and customer service that’s attentive and prompt. Yet, it’s a smaller player in the field, not as widespread as Grab or Angkas.


  • Your choice: cars or motorcycles.
  • Fares that are hard to resist.
  • Customer service that’s ready to go the extra mile.


  • It doesn’t have the sprawl of Grab or Angkas.
  • Occasional reports of longer waits.

The Measure of Things

So how do we judge these digital knights of the road? It’s down to driver availability, price point, customer service, and safety. No one wants to wait in the tropical heat for a ride, or shell out more than a plate of lechon for a short hop, or feel uncomfortable on a journey alone.

A Glimpse Beyond

Here are a few more taxi wranglers making waves in the archipelago, providing ride-hailing apps in the Philippines: EasyTaxi, Hype, Micab, and Yellow Taxi.

The Last Word

Alright, we’re at the end of our tasty little journey. The champs of ride-hailing apps in the Philippines, as per the people’s voice, are Grab, Angkas, and JoyRide. Each has their signature flavor: Grab for its convenience, Angkas for the price-conscious, and JoyRide for those who value a steady, reliable hand. But remember, my friends, the best ride is the one that suits your palate.

Hope you found this ride as enlightening as a bowl of sinigang. Any questions, give a shout out in the comments. Let’s keep the conversation rolling. Let’s keep the journey going.

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