Sagada: A Hidden Paradise? (Doc’s Passport Bro Score: 64)

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With a population of just under 12,000 and an estimated 3,000 single adult women, Sagada might be small, but it has its unique charm. This mountainous municipality in the Philippines is known for its cool climate, stunning landscapes, and unique burial customs.


English Language Accessibility (8/10)

For English-speaking passport bros, Sagada is an oasis in the mountains. Locals have a good command of English, and there is minimal language barrier, making communication easy.

Cultural Activities & Entertainment (9/10)

One of the things that set Sagada apart is its rich cultural heritage. Caves, hanging coffins, traditional rituals – there’s always something fascinating to learn about. The annual festivals, such as the Etag Festival, provide a deep dive into the local culture and tradition. The entertainment score is a strong 9.

Safety & Security (7/10)

Sagada is generally a safe place with low crime rates. However, the occasional tourist scams and lack of street lights in some areas can be concerning.

Food, Dining & Social Scene (4/5)

From the traditional ‘etag’ (smoked pork) to the freshly baked goodies at the local bakeries, the food scene in Sagada is vibrant. The social scene, though not as bustling as in big cities, has its charm with locals welcoming tourists with open arms.

Climate (4/5)

For those escaping the tropical heat, Sagada is a dream come true. The cool mountainous climate is generally pleasing throughout the year, though the monsoon season can sometimes put a damper on outdoor activities.

Women Willing to Date Foreigners (6/10)

Local women are friendly and open-minded, but the small-town setting might limit dating opportunities.

Internet Connectivity (3/5)

Internet connectivity in Sagada can be spotty, especially in remote areas. There are cafes and establishments with Wi-Fi, but don’t expect high-speed connections everywhere.

Public Transportation and Infrastructure (3/5)

Public transportation is limited to jeepneys and tricycles, and the mountainous terrain might not be for everyone. The infrastructure is quite basic and could use improvement.

Expat Community & Services (2/5)

With its remote location and small population, Sagada’s expat community is relatively small. The availability of services catering to expats is also quite limited.

Availability of Emergency Services (2/5)

Being a remote town, access to emergency services in Sagada is limited. There are local health centers, but for serious emergencies, one has to travel to the neighboring cities.

Proximity to Airports (1/5)

Sagada is quite remote, and the nearest airport is hours away. It is a paradise for those seeking solitude but not so much for frequent flyers.

Final Results

Overall, with a Doc’s Passport Bro Score of 64, equivalent to a ‘D’ grade, Sagada has its charms but also presents quite a few challenges for passport bros. Despite its stunning landscapes and rich culture, the lack of easy airport access, spotty internet, and limited expat services can be a turn-off. Therefore, it might not be the best fit for every passport bro.

This evaluation is geared towards expats seeking affordable living arrangements and not those looking for vacation spots or other purposes.

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