Estimating Single Adult Women Population in Philippine Cities

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Ever wondered how many single adult women might be living in your city of choice? In the Philippines, we can make a solid guess at this single population using a combination of general population data, gender ratio, the proportion of adults, and the percentage of single women. In this post, we break down these steps, so you can understand the process and apply it to any Philippine city.

Gender Ratio: A Fair Split

Let’s begin with the total population of a city. For our purposes, we will assume a rough 50:50 gender split. It’s not always going to be exactly accurate, but it gives us a fair starting point. After all, the actual gender ratio can fluctuate slightly city by city and year by year.

Sifting Out the Adults

The next step is to focus on adults. In 2015, around 60% of the Philippine population was aged 15 or older. This proportion might have changed slightly over the years, but we’ll use this as our basis.

Spotting the Singles

According to 2015 data, about 33% of Filipino women aged 15 and over had never been married. This percentage could change over time, but it’s a useful reference point for estimating the number of single adult women in a city.

Adding It All Up

Now we combine these figures. Start with the total population, apply the gender ratio, narrow down to adults, and finally identify the likely single women. With these steps, you can estimate the single adult women population in any Philippine city!

Remember, these are estimates. The numbers are based on broad demographic data and might not match the current realities perfectly. Always refer to the most recent census or survey data from reliable sources to get the most accurate information.

An Example Table

Here is what those calculations are like for several of the cities ranked on this site:

City Total Population Estimated Female Population Estimated Adult Women Estimated Single Adult Women
Cebu City 925,123 462,562 273,793 91,297
Manila 13,122,000 6,561,000 4,536,500 1,537,215
Tacloban 583,799 291,899 174,239 58,022
Sagada 107,537 53,768 32,272 10,383
Dumaguete 152,479 76,239 46,343 15,961
Davao 2,214,126 1,107,063 664,238 200,215
Iloilo 1,460,657 730,328 444,196 152,208
La Union 746,000 373,000 223,800 74,140
El Nido 40,445 20,222 12,133 3,640
Tagaytay 328,856 164,428 99,152 33,700
Bohol 1,343,900 671,950 403,170 121,025



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