Finding Statutes

Fundamentals of Procedural Law by Adam J. McKee

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Most states now have their official codes (often in an “unofficial” format) made available to the public online.  If you use these sources, you will cite these as the statute, not as a website. You will want to speak with your professor about it, but as long as these are published by a governmental source, they should be fine for academic purposes.  The problem with these online versions is that, often, they do not have the very useful editorial footnotes that you will find in the professionally edited and published versions.

If your library has LexisNexis available, you should definitely use that service (or whatever pay service your library has).  Your university pays a lot of money for you to have this service, and that probably came from some fee on your bill! You paid for it, so use it!   A major advantage of having LexisNexis is access to the Shepard’s Citator.        

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