Criminology | Section 6.5

Fundamentals of Criminology by Adam J. McKee

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Integrated Theories


Key Individuals and Terms

Robert Agnew, Ronald Akers, Albert Bandura, Howard Becker, John Braithwaite, Ernest Burgess, Robert L. Burgess, William J. Chambliss,  Richard Cloward, Charles Horton Cooley, Albert K. Cohen, Delbert Elliot, Emile Durkheim, Michael Gottfredson, Travis Hirschi, Edwin M. Lemert, Karl Marx, David Matza, Henry D. McKay, Robert K. Merton, Steven F. Messner, Walter Miller, Ivan Nye,  Lloyd Ohlin, Robert Ezra Park, Richard Quinney, Walter Reckless, Albert Reiss, Richard Rosenfeld, Clifford R. Shaw, William Graham Sumner, Edwin Sutherland, Gresham Sykes, Frank Tannenbaum, Austin T. Turk, George G. Vold, Max Weber, Anomie, Behavior Theory, Chicago Area Projects, Cohen’s Anomie Strain, Collective Efficacy, Consensus Theory, Containment Theory, Control Theory, Definitions, Deinstitutionalization, Delinquent Subculture, Differential Association, Differential Identification, Differential Opportunity, Differential Reinforcement, Discriminative Stimuli, Disintegrative Shaming, Diversion Movement, Drift Theory, External Control, Faith Based Programs, Functionalist Theory, General Strain Theory, Imitation, Institutional Anomie, Interest Groups, Internal Control, Labeling Theory, Law (Conflict Perspective), Merton’s Anomie Theory, Natural Motivation, Negative Reinforcement, Netwidening,  Neutralizing Definitions, Operant Conditioning, Pluralistic Conflict, Positive Reinforcement, Primary Deviance,  Racial Profiling, Reintegrative Shaming, Restorative Justice, Retroflexive Reformation, Secondary Deviance, Self-control Theory, Self-concept, Self-reinforcement, Social Bonding Theory, Social Control, Social Disorganization Theory, Social Learning Theory, Social Reinforcement, Social Structure and Social Learning Model, Social Threat Hypothesis, Symbolic Interactionism, Urban Ecology

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