Vishodan Empire

The immense Vishodan Empire stretches from east to west across the entire north of the continent.  A vast wasteland known as the Agni Desert crowns the northern coast, which gives way to prairie and grasslands to the south before running into the Akash Mountains.  The capital of Naren (named for the Emperor Naren of legend) is situated in the central grasslands of the south.  

The Vishodians are infamous for their love of battle, and seldom trouble the Southlanders due to constant warfare among themselves.  Many noble houses have dwindled to a mere dozen due to this consolidation of power over centuries of constant warfare.  Also, the conquest of the South is hampered by the near impassibly high and brutally cold Akash Mountains provide a natural barrier; Few prove hardy enough to cross, and then only in summer.    

The Vishodians believe that they are a superior race and that they have a duty to purify the world by destroying or enslaving all other peoples. 

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Last Modified: 08/30/2021

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