Kingdom of Vanier

[All Player Characters begin the game here.]

Vanier occupies the central west coast of the continent.

Places of Note within Vanier

Ruhan Pass: This strategically important pass is the only place wide enough and low enough for troops to pass from Vishodan lands north of the Akash Mountains to the lands of the South. Long ago, the Vanierian King commissioned a great fortress to control the pass, which became known as Dur Tarak. (“Tarak” means “protector” in the Elder Tongue). The area to the south of the fortress has grown into a city over the centuries since it was constructed.

Dur Bern: This great fortress of the North is the administrative center of an expansive wall that links the eastern mountains with the western sea. The Wall extends over sixty miles, with watchtowers every half mile down the expanse. In modern times, the Crown has come under great criticism for the vast expense of maintaining a full force along these fortifications. There is talk in Valor (the Vanierian capital) that the wall forces will soon be greatly reduced.

Manan: The southernmost major city in Vanier, which is known for its famous temple complex.

Vela: A sprawling port city on the west coast. The area to the east of Vela is wonderfully fruitful farmland, and cargos bound for every locale on the east coast of the continent leave from the natural deep water port here. The forests to the north are rich in game and fur, adding to the mercantile allure of Vela.

Port Daegal: Port Daegal is situated about 20 miles north of Vela and boasts its own natural deep water port. The town boasts a population of around 5,000 souls. Economically, the little town is more important than its size would indicate. Many artisans call it home, and many farmers and other suppliers prefer to ship from there because it lacks the congestion of the busy port at Vela. [PCs tend to start here.]

Notable Nobility of Vanier

      • King Edlyn
      • Duke Aldhelm
      • Duke Banan
      • Earl Aldhelm
      • Earl Algar
      • Earl Alwyn
      • Earl Arth [Warden of the West, Commander of the Wall]
      • Barron Ator
      • Barron Beorn
      • Barron Blackwater


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