The Spirit Veil

In game mechanics, think of the Spirit Veil as an adjacent plane superimposed on the physical plane.  In other words, those within the Veil can see and move within the physical world but have great trouble interacting with it.  The real world seems more like an illusion than substance and appears as if through a mist.  Creatures from the physical plane can only exist within the Veil in spirit form, yet they become physical beings there.  The Veil is a place of mind and magic, and belief and force of will are powerful forces there.  

Those of sufficient power and experience can summon clothing, arms, and armor at will.  Those entering this domain for the first time are clothed and equipped according to their own self-image.  An armed and armored soldier, for example, may wind up dressed as a simple farmer if that was his vocation before the war began.

The spirits of the dead sometimes dwell here for a time and can be communed with there.  This is usually the result of refusing to move on to some other plane, such as when they believe they have unfinished business in the physical world.  

Time behaves differently in the Veil, and adepts can travel back in time and view the past.  They can also fly great distances very quickly.  The farther one travels in time and space, the more likely it is that they will get lost, perhaps never to return.

One who travels to the Veil from the physical world takes on a spirit form, leaving their body behind.  While the mind and spirit are gone, the body enters a catatonic state and falls into a deep, coma-like sleep.  The body cannot live without the mind and spirit, so if they are gone too long, the body will die.  Likewise, injuries suffered within the Veil manifest in the physical world (somewhat counterintuitively), and being killed in the Veil results in death in the physical world. 

Only magical effects or mental ones can interact with creatures and objects within the physical world. 

[Characters can take a feat at character generation called Spirit Walker.  This feat represents the natural ability a small fraction of people have to cross the Veil at will.  The ability manifests during childhood when children have dreams of flying.  These dreams tend to reveal hidden things far away, and can lead to dangerous accusations of witchcraft.  Most people resist this natural ability out of fear, but it can be fully developed, especially with the guidance of one who fully understands the mysteries of the Veil.

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Last Modified: 08/30/2021

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