Port Daegal

Port Daegal

[All Player Characters begin the game here.]

Port Daegal is situated about 20 miles north of Vela and boasts its own natural deep water port. The town boasts a population of around 5,000 souls. Economically, the little town is more important than its size would indicate. Many artisans call it home, and many farmers and other suppliers prefer to ship from there because it lacks the congestion of the busy port at Vela.

Because of its role as a trade hub, many artisans have set up shops in Port Daegal.   Oswyn the Engraver has a shop there and is known for her ability to make functional weapons into things of beauty.

There is a garrison of Home Guard stationed there, so there are also stables, blacksmiths, farriers, and so forth.   The Home Guard keeps the peace, and they also collect tolls at a massive gate complex along the King’s Highway.

Travelers speak highly of the Broken Lance Tavern, above which there are rooms to let and good food.   The Landlord “Sarge” and his wife Hilde (who is the only person that calls Sarge by his given name of Horeb) are beloved of the townsfolk.   Sarge is a grizzled veteran, and most people realize that bar brawls are not a good idea in his establishment.  If no bards can be found, Sarge will spin a yarn for paying customers.

As a port town, there is a large warehouse district and shipyards.   There are tales of pirates that inhabit the waters around Port Daegal, but most people can’t reconcile those stories with the pleasant little town.

Get the Ye Auld Drunken Cartographer’s Map here:  Port-Daegal-Map-V1.0

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