Chapter 2: Towards a Better Way

In this chapter, we examine the problems associated with traditional policing and attempt to confirm that policing is in need of systematic reform.  In addition, we examine Cultural Transformation Theory and explain how it can be applied as a theoretical framework for community policing.  Finally, we introduce our Eight Pillars of the New Community Policing.


  • The Civil Rights Revolution
  • Research on Policing
  • What Is Community Policing?
  • Why did Community Policing Fail?
  • Problems of Implementation
  • Criticisms of Community Policing
  • The Call for Partnerships
  • Why Do We Need COP?
  • Did Traditional Community Policing Work?
  • Unmet Promises
  • The President’s Taskforce
  • Cultural Transformation Theory
  • The Domination Model
  • The Partnership Paradigm
  • The Eight Pillars of the New Community Policing

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