Fixing Policing

The political rhetoric since the murder of George Floyd has been that the police need fixing–or to be entirely disbanded.  In this book, I argue that policing can be fixed, using a model that a colleague and I developed and published in 2016 called The New Community Policing: Developing a Partnership-Based Theoretical Foundation.  This New Community Policing was designed to provide a theoretical framework on which to scaffold real, enduring police reform aimed at creating a more verdant and just society.  In the original articles, we developed Eight Pillars of the New Community Policing, and the current book is based on those.

Because the book is intended for general audiences, I have decided to place the “Reference” page online in the form of an annotated bibliography.  Even if you don’t buy the book, you may find these topical references very helpful in understanding the key issues surrounding police reform.  I’ve provided a reference page for each Chapter:

Recurring References

A few documents are referenced throughout this book and are critically important background reading for understanding this material in context.  These are as follows:

President’s Taskforce on 21st Century Policing: Final Report [External Document Link]

President’s Taskforce on 21st Century Policing: Implementation Guide [External Document Link]

Problem-Oriented Policing by Herman Goldstein [Amazon book link]

Community Policing: Rhetoric or Reality edited by Jack R. Greene and Stephen D. Mastrofski [Amazon book Link]




Last Updated:  06/23/2020

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