Chapter 8: What to Eat and Do


The common thread that binds all of my ideas about food together is managing carbs in order to manage insulin.  If you can drop your insulin over time, your fat ass will shrink, your blood pressure will go down, your gout will go away, and you will likely see a lessening of the symptoms of inflammatory diseases.   The critical aspects of this book can be summarized as follows:

      • Eat only whole, real foods.  Get rid of the processed stuff completely.
      • Get rid of all processed sugar, and most of the natural sugar.
      • Remove all grains, beans, and legumes.
      • Remove all vegetable seed oils.

References and Further Reading

I’ve added a complete reference page to my book on this site.  I’ve also included “further reading” articles in books on this site, organized by the book chapter headings.  Book links to Amazon are affiliate links, and if you happen to buy something via one of those links, I get a small kickback from Amazon to help keep this site up and running.  Thank you for your support!


For a complete “ultimate guide” to fasting, you need to look no further than Dr. Fung’s best-selling book:


Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is often dismissed as “just snoring.”  The video below explains why this problem (very common in fat asses) is so dangerous and deadly.  You can’t fix your metabolism without treating this, and it may go away once you do!


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