Chapter 5: Ketogenic Diets


When we burn fat, we can’t do it directly.  Your cells don’t run on bacon grease.  To burn fat, the body must send it to the liver to be processed into a burnable fuel called ketones.  These are the modified form of fat that your body can use for energy.  So a “ketogenic diet” is a diet designed to help the body shift from burning glucose to burning fat.  Recall from previous chapters that the human body is either in fat storage mode when it is burning glucose or fat-burning mode (when glucose isn’t present).   Your body uses the hormone insulin to signal which fuel it is using.  When you are insulin resistant, your body has too much insulin and isn’t signaling correctly.   

References and Further Reading

I’ve added a complete reference page to my book on this site.  I’ve also included “further reading” articles in books on this site, organized by the book chapter headings.  Book links to Amazon are affiliate links, and if you happen to buy something via one of those links, I get a small kickback from Amazon to help keep this site up and running.  Thank you for your support!

Thomas DeLauer, a recovered fat ass, is one of the most popular health and nutrition influencers on YouTube.  He tends to get off into the weeds a bit with the science sometimes, but that should make you feel good.  He believes in giving advice based on scientific evidence.  The video below is a bit long (around 45 minutes), but it does a great job of explaining how to do a keto diet in a healthy, sustainable way.

Is Keto Safe?

There is a lot of press surrounding ketogenic diets.  Shock and awe stories of Indian actresses dying of keto drive clicks, but are far from the truth.  Dr. Ken Berry weighs in on keto safety with his usual style in the brief video below:

Carnivore Diets

If regular keto was controversial, the “Zero Carb” or “Carnivore Diet” has caused a clickbait explosion on the internet.  Dr. Berry explains the diet below:

The Fat Problem

Worried that fat and cholesterol will destroy your heart if you try any of this stuff?  Think again.  Dr. Prandip Jamnadas explains the true causes of heart disease in this illuminating video:


The complete book this website supports is available on Amazon for a great low price:

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