Chapter 3: Metabolic Syndrome


Big Fat Lies

If you are a true fat ass (or young and pre-fat ass), you probably have metabolic syndrome.  Likely, you have never heard it called that before.  But I’ll bet the attendant conditions sound familiar.  These conditions include high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels.  There is also some more recent evidence that high levels of uric acid are also present (this is associated with gout and kidney disease).  Don’t think so?  If you are a fat ass, see your doctor and get some lab work done.  It is possible to have one of these symptoms in isolation, but the odds are they are a cluster of symptoms that define metabolic syndrome.  If you do have it, you aren’t alone: About one-third of US adults have it.  (And that’s the ones we know about).

I’ve added some “further reading” below for several of the problems associated with too much insulin featured in the book below

High Blood Pressure

For the classic view on how to reverse high blood pressure with a plant-based diet and lifestyle modifications, check out the video below:

For a completely different take that aligns with this book, see Dr. Ken Berry’s take on this:

Type II Diabetes

Most doctors will tell you that you can’t cure diabetes.  You can only manage the symptoms until you ultimately die.  Dr. Fung has a different take.  He explains his ideas in the brief video below:

Check out Dr. Fung’s guide to fasting if you want to know a whole lot more about his solution.


I tried to avoid long videos for these “further reading” sections, but the video below is definitely worth the hour of your life to truly understand how to really lose weight and get healthy.

High Uric Acid

High uric acid levels have long been associated with gout and kidney problems. There is some compelling evidence that this condition is a nasty one, and it is associated with the other problems of metabolic syndrome. Traditionally, your doctor wouldn’t worry about uric acid levels if you didn’t have gout.  That may be changing as popular books like Drop Acid shed light on the problem.  

The complete book this website supports is available on Amazon for a great low price:


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