juvenile justice agency

Doc's CJ Glossary by Adam J. McKee
Course: Introduction / Juvenile Justice

A juvenile justice agency is a government organization responsible for administering the juvenile justice system in a particular jurisdiction. Juvenile justice agencies typically work to prevent juvenile delinquency and provide support and rehabilitation services to young offenders who come into contact with the justice system.

Juvenile justice agencies may include a variety of organizations, including juvenile courts, probation offices, youth detention centers, and other community-based programs and services. These agencies work together to provide a comprehensive approach to juvenile justice that focuses on rehabilitation, treatment, and prevention.

The specific responsibilities of a juvenile justice agency may vary depending on the jurisdiction but typically include a range of functions such as intake and assessment, case management, and supervision of juvenile offenders. Juvenile justice agencies may also provide various support services, such as counseling, educational programs, and vocational training, to help young people overcome the issues that may have contributed to their criminal behavior.

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