Insider Information

Doc's CJ Glossary by Adam J. McKee
Course: Criminal Law

In the criminal justice context, insider information refers to knowledge or information about a crime obtained by a person with access to privileged or confidential information due to their position or relationship to the crime or its participants.

This information may include details about the crime, such as who committed it or how it was carried out, as well as information about the investigation or legal proceedings related to the crime.

Insider information can be obtained by individuals such as law enforcement officers, prosecutors, defense attorneys, or witnesses who are privy to confidential or privileged information related to the case. Using insider information to commit or facilitate a crime, such as insider trading, is often illegal and can result in criminal charges.

In some cases, insider information can also violate ethical or professional standards, such as in the case of an attorney who uses information obtained from a client to gain an advantage. In such cases, the attorney may face disciplinary action or sanctions.


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