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Criminal justice is the system of practices and institutions that societies use to uphold social control, deter and mitigate crime, and sanction individuals who violate laws.

It is a broad field of study encompassing many different disciplines, including law, criminology, psychology, sociology, and political science.

Criminal justice as a field of study involves examining and analyzing the various components of the criminal justice system, including law enforcement, courts, and corrections. It also includes the study of crime and criminal behavior and the causes and consequences of crime. Students who study criminal justice may learn about topics such as crime prevention, criminal investigation, forensic science, law enforcement, the judicial process, and the correctional system. They may also learn about the social, economic, and political factors contributing to crime and the criminal justice system.

The goal of criminal justice as a field of study is to understand and improve the criminal justice system and its various components and to help promote justice and reduce crime in society. It is a multi-disciplinary field that is concerned with the practical and theoretical aspects of crime and justice.

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