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A courtroom work group is a group of individuals who work together in the courtroom during a criminal trial, including the judge, the prosecutor, the defense attorney, and other court staff.

The courtroom work group is responsible for managing the trial process and ensuring that the trial is conducted fairly and orderly.

The members of the courtroom work group have different roles and responsibilities, and they often work closely together to ensure that the trial runs smoothly. The judge is responsible for overseeing the trial and making decisions about the admissibility of evidence and the legal issues involved in the case. The prosecutor represents the state or federal government and is responsible for presenting the case against the defendant. The defense attorney represents the defendant and is responsible for defending against the charges. Other court staff, such as bailiffs, clerks, and court reporters, may also be part of the courtroom work group and are responsible for various administrative and support tasks.

The courtroom work group plays a critical role in the criminal justice system and is responsible for ensuring that the rights of all parties are respected and that justice is served.

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