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Club drugs are a group of drugs that are commonly used in the context of clubs, parties, and other social settings.

They include drugs such as ecstasy (MDMA), GHB, and Ketamine. These drugs are often used to enhance the user’s experience of music, dancing, and social interaction and are associated with the party or club scene.

Club drugs can be particularly dangerous because they can impair judgment and coordination and can lead to accidents or other harmful consequences. They can also cause serious health problems, such as hallucinations, psychosis, and long-term cognitive damage.

In the criminal justice context, club drugs are often subject to criminalization and can be illegal to possess, use, or distribute. The possession and distribution of club drugs can result in criminal charges and the imposition of fines and prison sentences. The use of club drugs can also lead to problems with the law, such as driving under the influence or engaging in risky or harmful behavior while under the influence.

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