citizen’s arrest

A citizen’s arrest is an arrest made by a private citizen, rather than a law enforcement officer. In most jurisdictions, a private citizen has the authority to arrest someone if they witness a crime being committed or if they have probable cause to believe that a person has committed a crime.

A citizen’s arrest can be made by any private individual, regardless of whether they are a victim of the crime or a bystander. However, in order to make a valid citizen’s arrest, the person must typically:

      1. Have witnessed the crime being committed or have probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed.
      2. Take the person into custody and hold them until law enforcement arrives.
      3. Inform the person that they are being arrested and the reason for the arrest.

It is important to note that a citizen’s arrest should only be made if it is safe to do so and if there is no other way to secure the person. Making a false or unlawful citizen’s arrest can have serious consequences, including civil and criminal liability.

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