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Criminal Justice

An Overview of the System


Section 6.2: Prisons

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Learning Resources

Learning Objectives
6.2(a) Describe the purposes of today’s prisons.
6.2(b) Describe the size and characteristics of the prison population in the United States today.
6.2(c) Explain the ideas of “just deserts” and “get tough on crime” policies and how they impacted prison populations.
6.2(d) Trace the development of modern prisons, identifying key reformers.

Slide Presentations

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Key Terms

  • American Correctional Association
  • Congregate System
  • Crime Control Model
  • Custody Level
  • Death Row
  • Declaration of Principles
  • Elmira Reformatory
  • John Howard
  • Lease System
  • Maximum-security Prison
  • Medical Model
  • Medium-security Prison
  • Minimum-security Prison
  • Penitent, Penitentiary
  • Pennsylvania System
  • Prison Overcrowding
  • Prison Programs
  • Private Prisons
  • Reception Facility
  • Reformatory Movement
  • Rehabilitation Model
  • Special Populations
  • Super-maximum-security Prison
  • Walnut Street Jail
  • Women’s Prisons
  • Zebulon Brockway

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