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Shooting enthusiasts tend to acquire a mountain of “stuff” over time.  If you are new to the sport and your instructor gives you a list of “stuff” that you need for class, where you do you get it?  How do you know if it is any good?  I’ve put together a short list of things that I believe are of high quality and that you may need.   All of the links are to, so you know you are getting a good price and reasonable shipping.  Amazon doesn’t sell Ammo, and I recommend Midway USA for that.

  Range Safety & Gear

Depending on your instructor, you will most likely be required to wear hearing and eye protection while on the range.  Take it from someone with regrets:  Protecting your hearing is critically important!

On the range, hearing the range master’s instructions is critical to safety-and passing the course!

Traditional earplugs and muffs mean that you are protected from loud noises, including range commands.   With these, conversations are actually amplified, but when a loud noise happens, the volume goes to nearly nothing.  If you plan to shoot on a regular basis, these are well worth adding to your range bag.

You may look cool in your shades, but they aren’t safety rated, and your instructor may not let you fire without safety rated glasses.  I always keep a pair in my range bag.  This kit contains three pairs for a very reasonable price, and the tint is great if you are shooting west at the end of the day.

By the time you have a weapon, spare clips, a few hundred rounds of ammo, a cleaning kit, shooting muffs, eye protection, some sharpie markers, a roll of masking tape, and a sandwich, you’ve got a lot to keep up with.  If you are a shooter, you need a range bag.  I like that I can toss mine in the top of the closet and everything stays together, ready for next time.

Your handgun represents a significant investment, and since your life may depend on it, I strongly recommend you don’t go cheap.   If you buy a reputable firearm, you are going to want to protect it.   Don’t ever put WD-40 on a gun!  You can take WD-40 and a Scotchbrite pad and completely strip the bluing off a gun.  That’s great if you are going to reblue it, but it’s terrible if you have a nice, new weapon.  I’ve used the Remington products for a long time, and recommend them.

If you are already an avid shooter, you probably already have 4 cleaning kits laying around.  If you are just getting into shooting for CHCL, you don’t need a big, fancy kit with 2000 parts.  I suggest small one you can toss in your range bag.


One of the most annoying things about carrying concealed is that it has to be concealed.   If its wintertime and you are wearing a jacket, no problem.  But what about weddings, funerals, and job interviews, or that trip to the lake in August?   Below I’ve listed some products that can accommodate wearing something besides jeans, a belt, and an untucked shirttail.

Just because you have a handgun doesn’t mean you always want to dress like Wyatt Earp.

Note that this is not set up for a left-handed draw when carried as shown.  Left-handed shooters wanting to carry this on the left inside their waistband will find it serviceable.


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Last Modified: 07/03/2018

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