Freelance Services

Freelance Services Offered by Adam McKee

Web Site Development, Hosting, and Maintenance Fees

My goal is to provide economical web design services for churches, small businesses, and organizations that want a web presence but do not want to spend the hefty sums required for a full-blown, professionally designed e-commerce site.  Accordingly, I will decline to develop sites requiring shopping carts, secured credit card transactions, streaming content, and so forth.  (I’m am happy  to link to YouTube and PayPal type third party providers). 

I am not a graphic artist, so all of my designs are clean and geometric with plenty of white space.  I’m happy to help clients locate graphic designers for logos, icons, and so forth, but I am not capable of those services.  

Technology Fees (Yearly / Up Front/ Recurring)

Domain Name      $20
Hosting                   $120
SSL Certificate      $75
Total                         $215

Basic Setup and Design:   $199 (One Time / Up Front)


Home:            Included
Contacts:      Included
Gallery:          Included
Services:       Included
Products:      Included

Blog:                     $0.10 / word
Directory:          $50
Calendar:           $50
Static Page:      $50

Other Special Features by Agreement

Monthly Site Maintenance

Bronze Plan


  • Tech Updates
  • Basic Info Update
  • 1 Blog / Month
  • Total Ongoing Monthly Cost:  $37.86

Silver Plan


  • Tech Updates
  • Basic Info Update
  • 2 Blogs / Month
  • Directory Update
  • Total Ongoing Monthly Cost:  $47.86

Gold Plan


  • Tech Updates
  • Basic Info Update
  • 4 Blogs / Month
  • Directory Update
  • Forum (or other special feature) Update
  • Total Ongoing Monthly Cost:   $57.86


Freelance Writing

If you are strictly interested in content writing, I will take on freelance blogs (SEO if you provide key terms) and other writing projects at $0.15 per word (more for highly technical work requiring extensive referencing).

If you are interested in discussing a project, you can contact me via email at

Terms of Sevice

  • As a freelancer, I’m limited to the size and scope of the projects I take on.   I reserve the right to decline projects that are too large in scope or require technical skills outside my areas of expertise. 
  • I make no warranties, expressed or implied, about the quality of the services provided by third parties, which includes the entire technology infrastructure.   I choose highly reputable firms with which to do business, but downtime is an inevitability.  
  • I will always make a good faith effort to create a product that you can be proud of, but all work is created on an “as is” basis.  Again, I am not a graphics designer, a marketing expert, or a programmer of great skill.   

Adam McKee     Monticello, Arkansas